Back in cycling business: a day in Liège

2 Jul

When your everyday job (unfortunately) is not in cycling, it can be a challenge to really sit down and write something about it. There is always something going on. So much, I sometimes don’t know where to start or what to think. But a day in cycling, and I don’t mean watching it in front of the TV, can change all that.

Last Saturday the sun was up and a new battle for yellow was on. My beloved Tour de France finally started. Liège isn’t far from where I live, so the question wasn’t whether I would go, but when it finally was time to go. For people who know me, it’s a matter of common knowledge: my enthusiasm for cycling. Watching the fans trying to spot their heroes, journalists capturing the first movements and words of the ‘stars’, the buzzing sound of the wheels during the warming-up, staff members getting ready….When you look at it in a certain way, cycling is far from boring.

Even though he was already back on his bike for a few weeks, Saturday really saw the return of a rider who is (in more than one way;)) beautiful to look at. Fabian Cancellara. Seeing him win again, the relief and the confidence in his eyes, those are the inspiring moments in cycling and made a great day in Liège even better.

By Graham Watson


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