St Paul Trois Chateaux – hellooo George!

21 Jul

For the départ of the 16th stage, the WheelerWatchers hit the road again to see the bunch off to Gap. It was to our surprise that the team buses were quite hard to get to, yet it was also understandable considering the number of people who came to this ‘petite village’! One bus, however, was easier to spot and visit: BMC. Here we had a close encounter with legendary George Hincapie, who is riding his 16th Tour de France this year!

All American George still very relaxed before the stage to Gap

Check our impressions of the day here
Tomorrow we will go higher up and throw ourselves in the craziness of the stage to Alpe d’Huez. Probably wishful thinking, but it would be cool if  new Dutch glory could rule the mountain once again. Maybe a stunt by Robert Gesink after all or another heroic deed by Johnny Hoogerland?

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