WheelerWatchers go LUXE

15 Jun

Even though it has been a while since we shared our passion for the cycling world, we haven’t sat still. Now that preparations for the Tour de France are up to speed, it was about time to enable you to keep track of our activities again and give you an insight in our recent trip to the Skoda Tour of Luxembourg 😀 

Cycling takes you to places! This was already the 3rd time that we headed for Luxembourg in only 6 months.  Here is a recap of our highlights of our 5-day rush of cycling in lovely Luxembourg!

Click here to view all our photos of the different stages.

Highlight #1: Cancellara at the prologue in Luxembourg ville
On the first evening of the TdL, our special attention went out to time trial specialist Fabian Cancellara. As we found out on the spot – the man really has a ‘ feel for the wheel’. An absolute pleasure to witness! As expected, he lived up to his name and was the 1st to wear the  yellow at his team’s home soil.

Every little change counts

Highlight #2: Seeing the teams on the podium prior to the start of stage 1
Departing from the city centre and with192.8 kilometers to go, the teams were presenting themselves for this first official stage at the square! We were present at both start and finish, where the atmosphere was truly great and the sun was up!

Fränk Schleck and Spartacus on the stage

Highlight #3: Driving through the beautiful countryside and watching the riders arrive in Differdange
For this stage we took the wheel in our own hands as we were lucky enough to borrow a car and drove from start to finish, where we had a blast! In this stage, LEOPARD Gerdemann (does the boy ever get older?) took the win and snatched the yellow jersey from his teammate.

The peloton chasing the three escapees

Highlight #4: The 3rd stage departing from Eschweiler in the very north of the country – the bus drivers had quite a challenge!
Whoever came up with the idea to host the start of the 3rd stage in Eschweiler, was probably  interested in experiencing more than just the driving skills of the riders! The parking spot with its narrow entrance gave a lot of bus drivers a struggle to get their ride on the parking spot. For the spectators entertaining to watch! Besides, it also ruined the ‘we are fashionably late’ excuse. Moreover, most teams were arriving late due to road construction work which made it difficult to actually reach this ‘petite ville’. After the start, we drove towards a small climb where this photo was taken:

Cyclists and Luxembourgish scenery

Luxembourg really isn’t that big, but seriously – what are the odds! As we went towards the finish of this stage in Roost we drove by our highlight #5 in person: Andy Schleck as he was trying to cross the road during his Tour de France training ride.

Our paparazzi shot of Andy

Highlight #6: Start of the final stage in Mersch on Sunday morning
Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun! Cycling can sometimes feel like an addiction; it makes you wanna have more and more. Just before we headed back home, we caught up with the circus one more time at the start of the final stage from Mersch to Lux City.

Every end has a start - start of the final stage in Mersch

As was clear from Cancellara’s flying start, team LEOPARD TREK had serious ambitions for the yellow. They ruled from beginning till end without letting go of the jersey. With Linus taking the GC, they kept the jersey close to home.

This cycling adventure in Luxembourg was again one to remember, in more than one way! It’s so cool how you get to meet a lot of people during these events, where everyone shares a passion for cycling and where the atmosphere is open and pleasant.  

Soon, we have a lot more coming your way as we get ready for the Grand Boucle, which we will also visit. So stay tuned!


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