From Spring to Stages

25 Apr


The proud LBL trio (photo:

The month of April is in its last week. They say that when you’re having fun, time flies… For us, it all started last year in July, with the Grand Départ in Rotterdam and the finish at the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Now a few months later, the world of cycling has given us plenty of fun and exciting moments. Although there is much more to come, we also realize that many things already passed. Yesterday was the last race of the Spring Classics; La Doyenne. Always an interesting race to watch, but yesterday a little less with the predicted win for that Belgian who is stunning the world of cycling with his 4 out of 4. Eddy Merckx already predicted good results in the Tour de France for Gilbert if he is able to dedicate himself to that race.

Gilbert’s show of force is indeed extraordinary. He’ll be a rider to watch and it will be interesting to see how much more he can do. However, it would be nice to actually see riders battling it out and try to go for a win with all they have. Yesterday, LEOPARD TREK looked good in being able to break Gilbert’s smooth ride to the finish line, but both Schleck brothers didn’t have what it took. It resulted in two great podium spots, but also in some more question marks from the media concerning team tactics and strength.

Whether you are in favor of the Leopards or not, in all objectivity it has to be admitted that the team left its traces on the road and in the books. Their efforts resulted in 8 victories and although these are not all WT victories, they deserve big credits for their current #1 spot on the UCI WorldTour ranking… especially considering that it’s a new team in development.

Now the Spring Classics are completed, it is time for the stage races during which endurance will be a key factor for the riders. The sixth World Tour stage race is the Tour of Romandie (65th edition), starting tomorrow in Martigny and ending on the 1st of May inGeneva. Traditionally, the race is seen as the last preparation before the start of the Giro d’Italia next week.

With the stage races appearing on the program, it will be an intense second half of the season for the WheelerWatchers with more preview articles for ProcyclingLive and exciting trips on the agenda! We’ll report back to you 😎


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