Impressions of the Amstel Gold Race

17 Apr

What a day today, what a great Amstel Gold race! Yesterday, we already spent the day in Valkenburg to watch the tour version of the Amstel. Seeing so many riders give their effort and show their passion for this sport is really inspiring! We didn’t race ourselves, but when visiting the finish village where the riders came together and celebrated, we experienced again that cycling is really something! We so much enjoyed it, that we decided to race ourselves next year. It will be our first official race though, so training tips are more than welcome 😉

Today, the alarm went off at 7. When that happens on a Sunday, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for another cycling adventure. The sun was up and the team buses just came through when we arrived at the Grote Markt in Maastricht. The WheelerWatchers keep an eye out for the LEOPARD TREK team, so we were hanging ’round their ‘bus stop’. After the races in Belgium and the critique the team received – it was repeatedly argued that the team wasn’t all that strong – we were really excited to see what they would do today. For the first race of the Ardennes Classics, the team looked more than promising with Cancellara, the Schleck brothers, Fuglsang, Voigt, Wegmann, Lund & Monfort. By the tight look on the Leopard faces, it was clear they came to the AGR with one clear goal; bring the victory to Luxembourg! 

The Grote Markt in Maastricht!

The bike of the one and only... 🙂

Danish Delight - Fuglsang ended 4th today!

We often hear people say, that to experience most of a race, it is best to watch it at home. But, where better to watch the Amstel on the famous Cauberg? 100 meters off the finish line, exciting crowd, tv screen to watch the rest of the race, the sun in the sky and drinks at the end to finish it off with 😀 Even though the Leopards didn’t take the race home , the effort by Andy Schleck in the final was more than promising and Jakob Fuglsang showed again why he is a rider to watch for the future. There was also bad luck, crashes and bike problems for Cancellara and Frank Schleck. If  they would have been up front in the final… who knows! The one who took the flowers and did it again in the final and impressive sprint was ‘Golden Boy’ Gilbert (OLO).

An approaching peloton at the 2nd climb of the Cauberg

Group of riders that followed, come on the legs!

Just think of an Amstel beer to keep going...

The WheelerWatchers totally enjoyed it all! Cheers – to the next Amstel!


3 Responses to “Impressions of the Amstel Gold Race”

  1. Marleen 19 April 2011 at 21:49 #

    Nice post and photos! 🙂

    • WheelerWatchers 19 April 2011 at 21:52 #

      Thanks! Really enjoyed the race:). Did you watch the race as well, perhaps even in Valkenburg??

      • Marleen 24 April 2011 at 23:30 #

        I watched the race.. but in front of the tv 😉 I do hope to see it live one day 🙂

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