“Chi la dura la vince”: Milano-Sanremo 2011

19 Mar

Ciao a tutti! As some might say, spring is in the air as of today with the start of the longest single-day race of the cycling season. With 298km to cover, La classica di Primavera is not exactly your average ride through the park whilst watching the flowers bloom and listening to the sound of chirping baby birds… On the contrary, the riders are seriously put to the test of fortitude and is often won by the riders who accelerate smart, not hard. 

So, what can we expect of today’s race? Even though there are longer climbs on the go, such as the Turchino and the Manie, the track is relatively flat and finishes straight which lends itself perfectly for a mass sprint or grand finale. In musical terms, they would say it goes with crescendo: a gradual increase in volume or intensity. So then, who could be the chief conductor of Milano – Sanremo 2011? Following the latest, the names of Cavendish, Goss, Hushovd, Haussler, Farrar, Petacchi, last years’ winner Freire and Cancellara popped up.

Whatever the outcome, underway, take time to smell the flowers during this spring classic!

You can follow the latest race updates via @procyclinglive. Their website also provides livestreams: www.procyclinglive.com

Milano - Sanremo 2008 scenery


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