WheelerWatch Wednesday: A Classic kicks off the ‘real deal’

23 Feb

Even though the weather circumstances are a bit questionable (snowy weather in the Netherlands today!), this Saturday the sun will be shining…in our heads at least! After exotic races in Australia, Qatar and Oman, it’s time for the riders to dust themselves off and seriously get ready for the opening of the Belgium and North-European cycling season. This Saturday Ghent will be the decor for the start and finish of the 66th edition of  Omloop het Nieuwsblad (1.HC). The perfect opportunity for the WheelerWatchers to get together again and get a preview of what this season has in store for us and les cyclistes!

The start and finish of this single day cycling race (previously known as Omloop het Volk) will take place in the centre of Ghent, on Saint Pieter’s Square. The track, with a length of 203km, includes nine climbs and nine cobbled sectors. In the final, the riders will face the Kruisberg in Ronse (6%) until the cobbles of the Lange Munte at 19 kilometers of the finish line.

Who do we think is most ready for the Belgian cobble stones? Our shortlist includes Boonen, Gilbert, Boasson Hagen, last years winner Flecha and 2009 triomphateur Hushovd. However, team Rabobank is on a roll as well and who knows, after Qatar and Oman… those Belgian roads might be ready for some more Dutch glory as well!

Zeker en vast, the WheelerWatchers are more than ready for a new cycling adventure. And while we are at it, we’ll also take the opportunity to enjoy some of Belgium’s finest Triples. We already heard of a cafe where you’ll have to leave your shoes at the bar as a down payment for the special glasses they serve their Belgian beers in!

We’ll report back to you soon! Proost 🙂

The 66th Omloop is kicking off the season this Saturday


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