WheelerWatch Wednesday: Art Smart with Gaby Zwaan

16 Feb

On this WheelerWatch Wednesday, we would like to treat you to something special! If you’re a cycling enthusiast who’s also interested in art, this post is just for you…

With his recent exhibition in Utrecht, the Netherlands and a book release in July on his exciting Tour de France project, the WheelerWatchers thought it was about time to take a closer ‘watch’ at Gaby Zwaan (@gaby407) and his plans for 2011. For those of you who are not familiair with his work yet, Gaby’s paintings are unusually cool looking. It all started with his favorite drink diet-Coke and pieces of carboard. Nowadays, Gaby uses all kinds of material in different ways and on different backgrounds.

Wondering where cycling comes in…? Gaby is very well-known for his Tour de France project in 2009 where he painted a tribute to Lance Armstrong on the last climb of stage 16. This was not only noticed by ‘the Boss’ himself; Nike and the international press quickly followed. After this huge success, the organization of the Tour de France asked Gaby for an even bigger project last year: Gabygaby on Tour ! Keep watching ’til the end, it’s really funny :-D.

‘What I create, must go into the world’ – Gaby Zwaan


What’s on Gaby’s calendar for this year? The WheelerWatchers weren’t afraid to ask:

“2011 is going to be an exciting year for me. Around the 1st of July, the GabyGaby on Tour book will be released based on my experiences during the last Tour de France. Apart from that, I am aiming to paint on the roads of 3 big races. I will also exhibit more and do a few other big projects. So, it will be a busy, but very nice year ahead!”

2. Will you be present at this years’ Tour de France?

“Yes, I intend to be there. However, I would like to make it an even bigger project which requires a lot of planning. I am very busy with it so I hope everything turns out right. I won’t tell you about the details though…” 🙂

3. If you could invite one rider to create a work of art with, who would you choose, why and what would you like to make?
“I think I would choose Lance Armstrong. I would enjoy working with him and perhaps it could help him with his Livestrong foundation. What we would create? I would like to perpetuate his favourite rider…” 

And our last question: Did you have any expectations/ideas/prejudices prior to your Tour project in 2009 which were confirmed or disproved while you were in France? 
“Actually, there were many. However, I think Marc Cavendish surprised me most: he was really cool and friendly. I really didn’t expect that”.


We would like to give our special thanks to Gaby for taking time to answer our questions and we certainly cannot wait to see more of his work! Do get inspired by checking out his blog and stay up to date via his @gaby407 Twitter account (he’s totally 2.0!) We’ll keep an eye out for you!    

Lance by Gaby

Frank and Andy Schleck

Gaby on the road



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