WheelerWatch Wednesday: Un año por El Pistolero?

26 Jan

The last couple of months, the life of Alberto Contador has been everything, but a pleasant ride. If we believe in test results blindly, he too got his hands burned… Over the last couple of days, speculations got into an even faster gear. According to some media, the only thing that is left for him is to sit back and listen to the verdict of one year suspension, go home, take a last look at his yellow yersey and pass it on to a LEOPARD TREK rider who would rather see it going than coming… Mister ‘Chaingate’ himself repeatedly spoke of “forgiven not forgotten”. On the eve of what will likely become the verdict of the year, Andy Schleck couldn’t have picked a better moment to show his cycling compadre some bitter sweet support. In a recent interview with l’Equipe, the youngest of the Schleck brothers talks about having regrets and a staged embrace. And to be honest: who did not see through that? We cannot blame him.

Yet, the WheelerWatchers wonder what this year’s Tour will look like without our amigo… That is: if a possible appeal would not change the RFEC’s final decision on February 9. To be continued…

Will Contador lose his gunpowder?


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