WheelerWatch Wednesday: The Face of Battle

19 Jan

Whilst many TDU-riders are combating road rash these days (ahhh – it hurts just writing about it!), some are facing other painful matters. Today, the word on Contador’s clenbuterol case spread like fire on Twitter since RFEC officials stated that the final verdict is expected next month. However, we spotted much more tweets on Sports Illustrated which published new information on the Armstrong investigation online. Since the article is very extensive we summed up a few things for you:

–  Armstrong would have “gained access” to HemAssist in the late 90’s
–  He would have carried banned drugs with him on a private plane
– Armstrong’s Radio Shack team would have continued working with Dr. Ferrari until as recently as 2009 whereas Lance stated he had broken ties in 2004
– Unusual levels of testosterone-epitestosterone would have been found in blood samples
– Swart, one of Armstrong’s teammates at Motorola at the time, stated that Lance encouraged use of EPO in the team and tells about Armstrong’s possession of an in-house test for hematocrit levels which would have been 54 or 56 in the Tour of 1995 (WheelerWatchers digging deeper: the normal level of hematocrit in an adult male ranges from 41 to 53 percent)

While the Boss is currently battling the roads of Oz for his last race outside the US, the battle against doping allegations from within his homeland seems to have fired up. If you ask the WheelerWatchers, we wonder: where and when will it stop? Dutch sports journalist Mart Smeets ends a recent article in NuSport magazine with: “The wait is for evidence”. We cannot agree more. However, we also hope that people will keep paying attention to the battle taking place on the roads. Isn’t that what cycling is all about?

The battle continues... Photo: roadcycling.com


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