A new season turns our wheels

17 Jan

A new cycling season is ready for take off and will get the heads of many cycling watchers spinning again. While others are giving their pedals a serious go in pleasant places such as Mallorca, Australia is prepared for the first rush of cycling adrenaline. The expectations are that the sprinters will rule Down Under……Or will the Boss be able to give us a final blast from the past?

Whereas radio communication is still used among the cyclists (and why shouldn’t it be?), the WheelerWatchers will turn their wheels into a new direction. From now on, we will write our blog in English so that our fellow Wheelerfreaks from all over the world can also keep track of us. Moreover, as from this week, we will introduce two new items that will keep our blog readers even more up to speed: WheelerWatch Wednesday and our Pic of the Week!

We are looking forward to the new season with great excitement! In a few hours, OZ is ready to see ’em roll. So all that’s left to say is: jump on and let’s get into gear!

Who will rule Down Under?


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